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This course is designed as a supportive course for the Russian Language program.

The curriculum is made to develop students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and writing in Russian.


We offer several levels:


Intermediate Level (age 6 – 9)


This class is for children who already know how to read and write in Russian.

  • expand students vocabulary

  • speak increasingly complex sentences

  • encourage children to express ideas and ask questions

  • improve students’ reading and writing skills


Children participate in the following

  • story telling

  • word games

  • reading stories with further discussions

  • writing different sentences, and responses


Advanced Level (age 7 – 11)


This course includes different types of texts, like fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Some topics are Early Civilizations, Our Universe, Famous Inventions, and others. By reading interesting texts in Russian, and after reading discussion children develop their vocabulary above the everyday conversation level. This class allows students to expand their knowledge about History, Science, and Art. It helps children to become a better speaker, reader, and writer.

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