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If you are thinking of raising a bilingual child, who understands, communicates, reads, and writes in Russian, we are here to assist you. 

The Russian Learning Center offers Language Classes for students who are on different levels: 

  • Beginners 
    For this level, we combine learning with games and different activities. For beginners, we highly recommend adding a second Communication Class.  For better results, repetition and periodic reviews are very important.  The more your child is exposed to the language, the faster the learning progress will be.


  • Intermediate
    This level is designed for students who already speak Russian. We develop students' vocabulary, and teach them fluent reading and writing.  Students study basic grammar rules and write simple essays.


  • Advanced
    This level is offered for students age 10+, who are ready to master Russian. This advanced course covers more complex grammar and includes reading comprehension and analysis of  Russian classical texts. 


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