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We teach these classes in English.

Pre-Algebra (Grades 6-7) covers the following topics:


Fractions, Exponents, and Decimals. Introduction to the Number Theory and Algebra, including Common Divisors and Multiples, Prime Numbers and Factorization and Fundamental theorem of Arithmetics, Linear equations and inequalities, Proportions, Ratios and Percentages. Word problems solving.

Introduction to Algebra (Grades 7-8) includes the following topics:

Exploration of Coordinate Geometry, geometric tools and strategies, Linear equations and Systems of Linear Equations, Exponents and Radicals, introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Statistics, and mastering word problem solving. Polynomials and Special Products.

Algebra I and Introduction to Geometry includes the following:

Fundamental concepts of Algebra, including Exponents and Radicals, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Systems of Linear Equations, Factoring Quadratics, Complex Numbers, Completing the Square, and the Quadratic Formula. Introduction to the basic concepts of geometry, common terms and two-column geometric proofs.

We also offer classes in Pre-Calculus (with Trigonometry included) and Calculus (AB and BC) for High School students. 

We limit class sizes to 6-7 students to ensure that every student gets an individual approach, attention and help.

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