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Why do kids like art classes? The answer is simple - it’s fun, it’s challenging,  and new ideas are always welcome!

It is a well known fact that kids who participate in art activities perform better in other fields of study. Creating art increases right-brain thinking and trains the ability to observe and teaches problem-solving.

Art classes encourage self-expression and open-mindedness.  The classes improve focusing,  discipline, and develop confidence.


Our projects include art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, and employ a variety of techniques and materials. The art programs in our center are created to suit specific age groups:

Art Exploration Program for kids age 4-8

  • learn about and use art tools and materials in a safe, responsible manner

  • identify and draw different kind of lines, shapes, create patterns, texture

  • identify the difference between two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional form

  • understand negative and positive spaces

  • become aware with colors and their relations

  • comprehend color schemes based on color wheel  and much, much more!

Art Fundamentals and Advanced Exploration Program for students age 9-16

  • continue to explore the elements of art and principles of design

  • continue to build skills in pencil, charcoal, paint, pastel, clay and more using basics of form and composition, theory of color, perspective

  • discover famous artists, art movements, and cultures around the world


 Welcome to our journey of art!

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